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Just two months after its launch, the Cotton LEADS™ program continues to gain momentum along the global textile supply chain. To date, fifty-fourtextile companies - suppliers to some of the world’s most recognizable apparel brands - have formally acknowledged the merits of Cotton LEADS™ cotton and now include it within their sustainable sourcing guidelines. Among the well-known companies that have become members of the Cotton LEADS™ program, which emphasizes the responsible growing practices of cotton growers in the U.S. and Australia, are: Fruit of the Loom; Central Textiles; Tuscarora Yarns; Mount Vernon Mills; and the Esquel Group.
Fruit of the Loom was one of the first companies to sign on to the Cotton LEADS™ program. Tony Pelaski, the brand’s Chief Operating Officer, notes, “Fruit of the Loom continues to strive for the highest level of corporate responsibility in our supply chain. As a member of Cotton LEADS™, we are assuring consumers of our commitment to sustainability and traceability in the cotton we usein our products."
Cotton LEADS™ is committed to continuous improvement in farm production practices, environmental stewardship and the dissemination of best practices information broadly throughout the world’s cotton producing countries. The Cotton LEADS™ program emphasizes the environmental gains achieved at a national level within the two current member nations, as well as the national oversight and national capabilities of the cotton industries in the U.S. and Australia. Combined, Cotton LEADS™ cotton accounts for roughly 17% of global production. Cotton LEADS™ helps assure a ready supply of responsibly-grown cotton to a textile industry that is increasingly interested in sustainable and traceable production practices, as well as commitments to ongoing improvement.
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